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soil sifter
Before and After Photos

Here are some examples of areas in gardens where the rocks and gravel were strained out using the Soil Sifter, and also what perfect filtered soil can do for a garden. In the last set, the Soil Sifter was used on the garden shown in the first shot, and the comparison shows what happened after only a few weeks! (Of course, the Sweet William being in full bloom helped, too.)

soil sifter

soil sifter

soil sifter

soil sifter

Updated photos of several areas of my garden from 2011:

Here are before and after photos of two new garden areas I created at my new house in 2012. In the first photo in the first pair you can see the area after I dug out the grass. After sifting the soil, adding plants and mulch, you can see how great it looks. In the second set of photos, there were several bushes and trees that had to be removed, along with the stumps and all the lava rocks. A big job, but it's finally looking good. (Can't wait for the grass to start looking better after years of neglect.)

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